Welcome to the Massurreal.

This is the first post on the newly reconstructed massurrealist.com. It is my intention to share with you my massurrealist ideas, musings, constructed poetry and art as I prepare for introducing non fungible tokens NFTs into the digital/crypto market. I akso intend to share with you what I discover and experience as I figure out this new art form and market place.

I have been marginally into crypto currency since my daughter’s significant other turned us on to the crypto market back during the bubble of late 2017 and early 2018. Then followed what I have heard called the long winter of the crypto market from 2018 until just the beginning of this year 2021.

In the meantime a lot has happened in this space including the introduction of NFTs which hold a lot of promise for the future of the arts. I’ll be exploring this and recording my thoughts and experiences as a newbie to the NFT market. Stay Tuned!

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